Keto and UberEats(driving)

I haven’t mentioned before on here that I am an Uber driver. This means that I can also drive delivery for UberEats. When I started this journey, EVERYTHING smelled so tasty.

Tonight I picked up from several of my favorite places to eat pre-keto, and nothing. In fact, the smell of IHOP pancakes made me physically ill. Even Mexican food didn’t make me hungry.

I used to be convinced that thy put crack in the McDonald’s fries, but 6 McDonald’s pick ups, and not craving a single French fry.

I wonder,”Is this what it is like to completely kick a carb addiction?” If so, it feels amazing.


Shrimp goodness with asparagus wrapped in bacon

I LOVE SHRIMP!!!!!!!!! Being born and raised in Mississippi, close to the the beach, shrimp and fish are life. My family loves to go crabbing and fishing, which is a really cheap way to have fresh dinner, but if you don’t live close to the shore most local grocery stores have shrimp in the freezer section. That makes the following recipes amazing and not so terribly expensive to make. 

I am gonna walk you through my process, because I don’t really measure much of anything. I just play it by ear. I will tell you that I do when looking to make a recipe up google cooking times, so this is something that I recommend when you go to make your own new recipes. 

For starters: preheat the oven to 400.

My next step is to get to chopping. I will cut up one whole white or yellow onion, a whole red pepper, a whole yellow pepper, and a whole orange pepper. If you want to cut up a green pepper for more color feel free. This will be the base for your shrimp to cook. 

Now I am a sucker for a shrimp boil and this is a way to get that feeling without the starches and carbs in potatoes and corn.

Around the time I am done cutting up these veggies, I will lay them out on aluminum foil on a cookie sheet with a big lip around the edge. Then on another cookie sheet also covered with aluminum foil I will start wrapping bacon around asparagus. 

Once your bacon is around your asparagus, put both cookie sheets in the oven. cook them both for about 15 mins. After that take out the onion and pepper sheet, and add 12-24 ounces of shrimp depending on how many people you have to feed. Then take a whole stick of butter or an 8 ounce brick of Kerigold butter and cut it into small pieces. Lay the shrimp and the butter on top of the onions and peppers sprinkle with salt and Old Bay Seasoning, then return the sheet to the oven.

Cook all of this for another 10-15 minutes until the shrimp is opaque. If your bacon on your asparagus isn’t quite the crispy texture you would like, turn on the broil setting on your oven and put them on the top rack for about 1-2 minutes or until you are happy with the crispiness. 

Divide up into portions suitable for your liking, and enjoy.baconwrapedwithshrimp


Wedding Planning on a budget

One of my favorite things to do is plan a wedding. I loved my wedding to my husband and we planned it from top to bottom for under $2500 in a span of 6 months. I believe that, even if it is super personalized, everyone can do this. It isn’t easy, but I think it is fun. 

I like to think my specialty though is nerd weddings. We had a Captain America/Steampunk themed wedding. There were comic books and mustaches everywhere. I even made my own top hat to wear with a veil.  I would love to help plan a Harry Potter themed wedding and especially a Star Wars themed. 

Your wedding doesn’t really have to have a theme, as long as it speaks to the personality of the bride and the groom and shows that you are merging your lives into one. I am willing to help anyone with questions about how I keep costs down and what it takes to find your inner planner.

Below are pictures from our wedding, I have amassed silver and crystal pieces since then to help others with planning their events in the future.


How this all began.

I have been dealing with PCOS for as long as I can remember. This year is the first time that I have had a doctor actually be optimistic about my chances to get pregnant. Those who know me know that I want nothing more than to be a mother.  There was a catch; I would have to lose weight, a lot of it. I knew that keto was the only way that this would work for me. 

I did my research. keto, what is it? I looked at blogs, vlogs, cookbooks, Pinterest. I became obsessed. What kind of recipes can I use for this? Where do I get the money to buy all of this food? Why is this way of life so much more expensive? The long and short of it is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, it is fairly easy, it is extremely effective, and super tasty.

I found support online in the form of Facebook support groups. I have family, mostly my in laws, that are also keto. I have coworkers who have been keto for longer than I have, and seeing their transformations has been exceptionally inspiring for me.  

I dove straight in. After all, who doesn’t love all you can eat bacon? My husband was not so sure about it, and has yet to join me 100% in this journey(I am still holding out hope that he will). 

The first few weeks was hard. I went through a hard detox from sugar and soda. I got keto rash, which is what happens when your liver dumps toxins in your gallbladder and you don’t have enough bile to counteract the histamines in your own body.  I know, it sounded weird to me too, but I upped my salt intake which helped a lot. 

I have posted multiple pictures of my food for my friends to see on Facebook. The pictures look as good as they taste. I subscribe to the mentality that everything is better with bacon, and you can never use enough butter. Disclaimer: If you don’t have a gallbladder, think twice before eating all of my high fat recipes that I will share. 

The posts have gotten a lot of likes, and a lot of my friends started asking me to start a blog with my recipes attached. I thought about it for a while, and with a little encouragement, I agreed that this would be something I would enjoy, and I hope you enjoy reading through this with me. Maybe I can be an inspiration to you on your path to a healthier lifestyle for you. 

I will also be blogging about my love of crafting, my passion for helping brides plan low budget weddings with class, and my life in general. Sometimes you may not like my point of view on things, but I promise somewhere in my writing there will be a post just for you.


I started this journey at 309.8lbs. This was in January, and today I weighed in at 274.6.  Don’t mind the pajama pictures. I didn’t originally intend to use these pictures for people outside of my family to see.